Tuesday, June 18, 2013

ARC REVIEW (#33): Piece of My Heart by Lynn Maddalena Menna

Piece of my Heart 
by Lynn Maddalena Menna
Publication Date: June 18th, 2013
Source: Netgalley

Still in high school, Marisol Reyes gets the chance of a lifetime to be a real singer, and she leaps at it. After all, this is the dream she held on to, all the days and nights she spent growing up on means streets of East Harlem. Marisol never gave in--no matter what her boyfriend or her best friend had to say. Who cares if only one in a hundred pretty, talented girls make it? She will be the one. In her rush to fame, Marisol tramples on the heart of her loyal best friend, and Julian, the boy she loves. But will it be worth it?
One night at a private gig in the Hamptons, the little Latino girl with the big voice from East Harlem gets a severe reality check. A famous rapper who claims to be interested in her talents turns out to be interested in something else, threatening not only Marisol's dreams but her body and soul. Will the realities of the gritty New York music scene put out the stars in Marisol's eyes forever?

I saw a ton of reviews when I got this book from Netgalley that were so negative.  So I was also so hesitant to read this book.  But reading the synopsis, I thought this book sounded awesome, so I of course went ahead and read it.  I definitely wasn't disappointed.

Marisol wants to desperately become a singer in the big city of New York.  She has the voice and she has major talent but she hasn't quite had her break yet.  She is currently a DJ with her friend Cisco and sings at many different clubs.  She finally gets her big break when the manager of the hottest boy toy in the music world offers to get her a duet with him.  Things do not go as planned through so Mari has to navigate her way through.

I personally loved Mari.  A lot of reviews called her naive, catty, etc.  But I loved her.  Mari's voice engrossed me in this book and held my attention to the very end.  I did not want to stop reading it.  I also loved Mari's friend, Tati.  She may come off as catty but that is what I loved about her.  It made her seem real, because lets face it, there are plenty of people out there like that.

I was a little frustrated with Julian and Mari's relationship.  I think Julian was selfish.  he wasn't very supportive of Mari's dreams.  I don't think she was blowing him off like he made it seem like.  She had a job.  These people are freaking adults.  They are out in the real world now.  He needed to get over it.  I've learned, that's life.

I cannot wait to read more from Menna.  She captured everyone's voices perfectly and she is just the freaking best!

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