Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nantucket Blue Blog Tour: Review (#29) & Giveaway

Book Info

Nantucket Blue
by Leila Howard
Source: Itching For Books Tours

For Cricket Thompson, a summer like this one will change everything. A summer spent on Nantucket with her best friend, Jules Clayton, and the indomitable Clayton family. A summer when she’ll make the almost unattainable Jay Logan hers. A summer to surpass all dreams.

Some of this turns out to be true. Some of it doesn’t. When Jules and her family suffer a devastating tragedy that forces the girls apart, Jules becomes a stranger whom Cricket wonders whether she ever really knew. And instead of lying on the beach working on her caramel-colored tan, Cricket is making beds and cleaning bathrooms to support herself in paradise for the summer.But it’s the things Cricket hadn’t counted on--most of all, falling hard for someone who should be completely off-limits--that turn her dreams into an exhilarating, bittersweet reality.A beautiful future is within her grasp, and Cricket must find the grace to embrace it. If she does, her life could be the perfect shade of Nantucket blue

 I was quite skeptical at first as to whether I wanted to read this or not.  I always doubt contemporary YA books for some reason. I think that it won't be believeable, or happen too fast, etc.  But Nantucket Blue has the perfect mix of happiness, anger, sadness, and love.

I read a review that said that this book reminded them of the way Sarah Dessen's plotlines go and I agree completely.  I am in love with Sarah Dessen and I think that is why I took such a liking to this book.  Nantucket blue is an emotional roller coaster that I loved.

Cricket is a great character.  Of course, she has her insecurities but that's what makes this book so believable.  I felt like Cricket was one of my friends.  She was funny, loving, insecure, but overall, a great main character.

I also loved the love aspect of this book.  Cricket's guy seems so fantastic and freaking hot!  I couldn't actually believe that the author really made this guy her love interest and I thought it was unique.  A lot of authors wouldn't explore this type of love interest.

Howard also set the scene very well.  I don't know much about Nantucket but I can definitely picture it now! And it sounds great! I definitely want to visit.  It was the perfect summer location and made it an even greater summery read!

I will definitely look for more Leila Howard books in the future and read them all!



  1. This looks like the perfect summer read! I have been looking for good beach reads and this looks like a winner.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for participating.