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BLOG TOUR: REVIEW (#23) and QUOTE: Strangelets by Michelle Gagnon

by Michelle Gagnon
Source: Netgalley
Expected Publication: April 9th, 2013 from   
      Soho Teen

17-year-old Sophie lies on her deathbed in California, awaiting the inevitable loss of her battle with cancer…17-year-old Declan stares down two armed thugs in a back alley in Galway, Ireland…17-year-old Anat attempts to traverse a booby-trapped tunnel between Israel and Egypt… All three strangers should have died at the exact same moment, thousands of miles apart. Instead, they awaken together in an abandoned hospital—only to discover that they’re not alone. Three other teens from different places on the globe are trapped with them. Somebody or something seems to be pulling the strings. With their individual clocks ticking, they must band together if they’re to have any hope of surviving.   Soon they discover that they've been trapped in a future that isn't of their making: a deadly, desolate world at once entirely familiar and utterly strange. Each teen harbors a secret, but only one holds the key that could get them home. As the truth comes to light through the eyes of Sophie, Declan, and Anat, the reader is taken on a dark and unforgettable journey into the hearts of teens who must decide what to do with a second chance at life

Wow, so I don't really know where to begin.  This book is honestly like nothing I have read before and I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing.  There were some odd aspects of the book that I just thought were way too weird, but thats just me.

Overall, I liked the characters.  The book alternated between 3 points of view: Anat, Declan, and Sophie.  All three were on the brink of death and they then wake up in this underground infirmary.  They eventually realized that they might not be in the time period they think they are. 

 I thought Anat was a strong and great leader, but she did sometimes come across as overly cocky.  Declan is our typical bad boy figure: breaking into houses, stealing, etc.  He was a pretty strong character too, always staying optimistic and not getting too upset.  Sophie was a little whiny at time and I know she had just gotten over suffering from cancer but it still irritated me how much she whined.  But I loved her and Declan(:

From the start you honestly have no idea what is going to happen.  How did they get to this place? How are they going to get out? But there were honestly many unbelievable aspects of the book.  If you read it, you will know what I mean.  

But overall the plot was good, I think some of the aspects of the book could use some tweaking thought.  But I think everyone should give this book a chance.  I definitely wouldn't go out and buy it, but maybe borrow from the library.

Favorite Quote
"She could almost picture the breaths strung like bead on a necklace, stretching off into the distance, growing more isolated from one another as they approached the horizon."

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