Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book Blitz: Transcend Time Saga by Michelle Madow



It was at the Halloween dance that I got the first glimpse of my past life.
The gym was packed, and due to the masks and the dim lights, it was impossible to tell who anyone was. I looked through the crowd, trying to see who Chelsea was dancing with, but even her red dress blended into the darkness.
Then I felt a movement from behind.
“Your boyfriend won’t mind if you dance with someone else?” a familiar voice whispered in my ear, barely audible over the loud, trancelike music. I turned around, disappointed to find that the black bandanna wrapped around his hair and the matching cloth mask covering the top half of his face made it impossible to see his features in the low lighting. But I knew it was Drew.
He pulled me closer before I could respond to the question. His arms wrapped around my waist, and I rested my head on his shoulder, closing my eyes and inhaling the sweet scent of pine coming off his skin. Jeremy would mind, but pulling away from Drew would be like trying to yank two magnets apart. It was dark, and we were in the back of the room, far enough from the main crowd in the center for anyone to notice. One dance couldn’t hurt.
He must have figured that I wasn’t going to try pulling away again, because he raised his hand to my shoulder and trailed his thumb down to my elbow, reaching my wrist and intertwining his fingers with mine. The palms of our hands connected, and I decided to enjoy the time we could be together, knowing that everything would return to the way it had been come Monday morning. The world spun to the beat of the music, and I let myself sink into it, clearing my mind of everything around me.
That was when the first flash came.


Winter or Summer?
Summer. I don’t like the cold weather in the winter.

In or Out?
I’m guessing this means inside or outside? I’m definitely an indoors girl.

Dresses or Pants?
I usually wear jeans, but I like wearing a dress when I’m going somewhere nice, as long as it’s not too cold outside.

Brother or Sister?
I’m an only child, but I’ve always wanted a younger sister. It would be nice to have someone to teach how to draw and recommend my favorite books to.

Black or White?
White. It’s also one of my favorite colors to wear.

Red or Blue?
Blue, because it matches my eyes.

Facebook or Google +?
I have Facebook, but I don’t check it obsessively (like some people I know do.) I don’t even have Google +!

Macaroni and Cheese or Peanut Butter-Jelly sandwich?
Mac and Cheese. I used to eat it all the time when I was younger.

Past or Present?
The past—I love learning about the different ways people lived in other times.

Work or Play?
If reading for fun counts as play, then definitely play. I always get my work done first though.

Boyfriend time or time with girlfriends?
Boyfriend time. Balancing my boyfriend time with time with my girlfriends is something I need to work on. I think my friends get frustrated with me sometimes.

TV or movies?
TV, because I feel like you can get to know the characters better when watching them every week on a television show.

Apricots or Peaches?
Peaches, because they’re sweeter.

White horse or mustang convertible?
A white horse sounds romantic.

Hot or Cold?
Hot! I really don’t like cold weather. (Which makes living in New Hampshire in the winter pretty rough.)

Morning or Night?
I’m a morning person. I have no problem getting out of bed when my alarm goes off (sometimes I even wake up five minutes before the alarm goes off.) I have trouble staying up late—I get so sleepy!

Jacob or Edward?
Edward. Jacob is a little too reckless for my taste, with all the motorcycling and cliff jumping.

Poptarts or Cereal?
Cereal, specifically Cheerios.

Hot Chocolate or Coffee?
Neither—my hot drink of choice is tea. I suppose if I had to choose it would be hot chocolate (if the chocolate wasn’t too strong), because the taste of coffee grosses me out.

Mountains or Beach?
Beach! I love quality beach time with my Kindle.

Dark Hair or Light Hair?
I’m partial to dark hair on guys.

Fall or Spring?
Spring, because it means summer is approaching.

Christmas or Halloween?
Christmas—I absolutely love Christmastime! The evergreen trees, twinkling lights, and fun decorations make winter more enjoyable. 

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